Your Deep Dive Guide for Buyer Personas – The only fillable e-book you will ever need

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10 years ago I decided to make my blog a success. In Hungarian, I wrote about studying, productivity and creativity.

I covered topics that I was interested in, and I presented not only the hard facts, but also my own point of view. This method, I believe, contributed to the writing’s uniqueness.

My blog was well-liked by readers. My articles were frequently featured on my hosting provider’s “Recommended posts” page, my Facebook page looked strong, and my Instagram profile began to yield results.

But something didn’t feel quite right. According to Google Analytics, I had a low number of returning readers while the number of new users was high. According to the heatmap, people would read a few articles, spend some time on my website, then leave and never return.

I did not understand. I did everything the way it was supposed to be done. I had a mailing list, free downloads, and a Facebook group.

But people didn’t come back. So I set aside my bias and read the articles thoroughly. Then I realized my error. My writings were meant for everyone, so they didn’t really belong to anyone. I realized I didn’t have any buyer personas.

It’s one thing to write posts that I enjoy, but if I wanted to have a successful blog, I needed a real readership. Since I like to research, I was happy to spend my time identifying and figuring out my buyer personas.

Most of the information on the internet was superficial and only involved demographics.

You’ve probably seen these templates before. You paid for them or gave them your email address only to be let down. Despite the fact that the e-book was well-edited, the exercises in it led nowhere.

The reason for this is that these buyer personas had no soul, no real feelings or thoughts behind them. We cannot use marketing psychology tools in their absence.

Yet marketing psychology is one of the most important tools in online marketing. It is not about beating the algorithm, but understanding potential customers.

E-book Buyer Persona VisionAgora

The exercises in Your Deep Dive Guide for Buyer Personas will assist you in accomplishing this. You’ll be able to get inside the heads of your buyer personas by asking insightful questions, so you’ll know exactly what motivates them and why they’re living the life they’re living. What their true fears and desires are, and how they want to improve their lives.

We will develop the following areas to better understand the buyer personas:

  • General information
  • Pain points
  • Fears, frustrations
  • Internet usage, information
  • Shopping habits
  • Wealth, property
  • Communication
  • Finances, obligation
  • Relaxation
Your Deep Dive Guide for Buyer Personas

You know your audience’s age. But do you know what they really think? Here is the only fillable guide you will ever need for your business.

I promise, that after you answered all the questions, you will never run out of content ideas, and you will be able to increase both your reach and sales.

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